Friday, February 14, 2014

Tying Up Loose Ends!

Hello dear readers,

This is my last post on this blog. I had a great time writing it--believe me, it truly came in to be very useful when I wanted to vent about something. I've deleted a whole bunch of posts along the way and kept the ones I thought were relevant, to me.

So--let's start tying up the loose ends.

1. I'd written about TV shows <here> and I'm so very disappointed to say that the Mentalist did not end up being what I wanted it to be. Come on Bruno Heller, Red John was supposed to be an all knowing, sophisticated master villain. Not some small American hick town, bald headed sheriff. Ew. I still hope the show will turn around and we'll all be like OMG Walter Mashburn was Red John all along...but I'm not exactly holding my breath.

Totally loved Sherlock, season 3. Can't wait for season 4.

2. In spite of the fact that I've become 117 lbs (about 53.something kgs) the last time I checked, I don't resemble Humpty Dumpty anymore! Hooray! Turns out that that had something to do with stomach/intestinal inflammation all along. If I had to wager a guess, it'd be because I cut down on the tomatoes.

Prior to leaving for the US, I'd be all like 'tomato ka chutney banado' to the cook. And then I'd eat the entire bowl of chutney in a day. We used to go through two to three kgs of tomatoes a week! And me, being the idiot that I am, would be thinking that tomatoes are really low in calories so I'm all good. Turns out, tomatoes cause inflammation/allergic reactions in certain individuals (me included).

So tomatoes, I say good bye to you. In case you're wondering WTF I'm talking about, you can read about it <here>.

3. The Somewhat Princess Post <click here>--oh how much flak I got for the somewhat princess post! I don't care too much about it because, well, I loved writing the somewhat princess post. It's so me. I love being silly and whimsical. I love being who I am.

I am somewhat spoiled (I may be very spoiled or not so spoiled depending on where you are on the spoiled spectrum) and I revel in being somewhat spoiled. So I am spoiled, somewhat self centered, somewhat selfish, and somewhat whimsical--deal with it or don't read my blog.

I remember getting a post from some would-be tourist to India (from Belgium I think) saying 'so your advice to stay safe in India is to be rich' in a very derisive way. Dude, that's exactly what my advice is. If you're in India, be rich and life will be okay. If you're not, then life, and your living standard will be crap. That's just freaking reality--there's no point beating around the bush.

4. The Media Post <click here>--that woman is still on TV. I recently saw her interview an Ambani brother and man was it embarrassing. If you want to cringe with second hand embarrassment, then watch that interview. That woman is kissing Mr. Ambani's ass without any abandon. It's like whoa lady, give the man a bit of breathing space. Even the Ambani brother (I don't know which one, they both look alike to me) looked really uncomfortable at certain times.

5. My Parents Story <click here>--I know I said I'd complete the story. But I ended getting my ass kicked via the phone and I'm sad to say that I can't go on with the story.

Good bye everyone :)

See you soon on my new blog!

My bday this year. Kudos to my husband for the preparations!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Here I Am, One Whole Year Later...

And here I am. One whole year later. In the EXACT. SAME. PLACE. Except I'm a year older, and fatter. 

So I'm turning 29. I'm one year away from hitting middle age and I still feel the exact same way I felt when I was in the eleventh grade, trying to fake my way through college applications. I still go back to that time when I was so unsure of how the future would turn out. As if the entire thing depended on what major I selected or whether I got the scholarship based on my GPA (I did graduate on the top 5...or was it 7% of my class so I probably would have gotten the scholarship).

Long story short, I did get the scholarship and I enrolled in dun. dun. engineering. See, the question isn't whether I got the scholarship or what did I enroll in. The question is, how long did I last? And the answer to that is, less than one semester. Fuck studying bio-medical engineering. I wanted to have fun.

And so I did have fun for a few months until I had to go back and face my parents...which wasn't very fun, let me tell you. But it all turned out okay as we moved to Winnipeg and I suddenly decided to make myself take the burden of getting into medicine. As a in, save people's life, prescribe them get the idea.

Another long story short--that whole plan blew in my face and I moved to Vancouver. Where I was happy for a while. I loved the fresh air. The snow capped mountains. The amazingly natural yet stroll-able beaches. It's a fucking amazing city.

And another super long story short--I met my husband there. We dated. Moved to India. Fast forward 4 years--we got married. Fast forward two years--we're STILL in India. And India is such a freaking paradox of a country.

I love it. I hate it.

I really, really loathe it to the point of being disgusted by the rich, the poor. the middle class.

And then there are times where I really, really love it to the point of being elated by something as simple as a smile on a food server's face when I say thank you.

So the point of all of this nonsensical rambling is to say that my KAY IN INDIA blog has ended. I'm no longer going to update this blog with my stories of being in India.

But on the positive side, I'm going to start another blog called...well, I don't exactly know what, but it'll have to do with me changing my life and achieving my goals--my guide to self improvement (and not in the Fight Club way mind you).

I'm one year away from 30. It's time that I stopped complaining and start taking charge of my happiness. I have to stop complaining about how I keep getting fatter, uglier, and unhappier (so, I suppose, my goal in the next few months is to be thinner, more beautiful, and happier). 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Resolutions anyone?

So 2014 has hit and I'm back to all the same resolutions:

1. lose weight. seriously. I'm like almost a hundred and twenty pounds--that's the fattest I've ever been in all of my life (and I've lost a hell of a lot of muscle mass way back when so I know that most of the weight is fat).

I went into American Eagle and tried on jeans--and I'm now a HEALTHY size four. American size four, as in a SIZE HUNDRED in the rest of the world. I suppose the good thing is that I wasn't a size six. Then I'd just have to kill myself with a plastic hanger in the AE dressing room.

2. be less scared and more positive and happier with day to day life--not that that's going to be easy. Especially considering that the almost 5 foot platform I was on, within two minutes of the New Years countdown came crashing down and I burnt my foot on a sparkler and have a massive bruise on my thigh (that literally covers my entire upper thigh). Seriously--you're in this supposedly VIP party in a country that's not India and the whole thing comes down with you on it? What are the odds?

So what was supposed to be a great Sri Lanka trip was exactly this--horrible burn and bruise on New Years, followed by god awful antibiotics and being dazed and confused for a few days. You can read more about the platform collapse <here>.

I suppose it's a good thing that none of us was really hurt--there were people there with broken legs, noses, arms etc.

3. learn how to do good eye makeup for once and for all--seriously. I'm so making this my mission.

4. cook. My mom cooked some amazing stuff when I was in the US. My whole dream of dining in every chain restaurant to eat fatty foods got canceled (good thing because I ate like 6 (maybe 7 or 8) whole slabs of cheese at home, imagine how much fatter I would have gotten if I ate in chain restaurants as well) because the food at home was soooooo good.

And kale--can I just say that I found kale chips amazing? I know there're so many kale jokes in the internet, but I looooved home made kale chips.

5. see the nicer side to things. I have no idea how I'm going to do this considering that I'm the most pessimistic (aka realistic) person I've ever met on the planet, but I seriously have to start seeing the positive side to things. Including filthy places full of pigs, desperately poverty stricken people, dengue, mangy stray dogs and clueless rich people---whoops, did  I just describe Delhi/NCR? Oh well, I've been trying to do just that for the last three years.

Those are my resolutions--hopefully I'll keep them this time around.